Book 929 Ricardo Piglia – Money to Burn

First of all Money to Burn is out of print so I ordered my copy through the ever reliable , however if you do decide to invest in this novel there are many shortcomings.

As such the idea is great. A stream of conscious book based on an epic bank robbery that took place in 60’s Argentina. Within the book there are first hand accounts from journalists and psychiatrists on the robbery and the super dysfunctional gang who planned out this escapade. We also get a fragmented view on the robbery and its chilling aftermath.

Unfortunately the translation is beyond terrible. Instead of keeping with the book’s vernacular we are subjected to a lot of British slang. Honestly I find it weird to hear a South American gangster use the words ‘Bollocks’ and ‘Dosh’ Personally I prefer it if the original word is used and then a footnote or glossary works out as a guide. To be fair there are some useful footnotes providing historical background but others that offer a scant explanations of the puns which don’t provide that much help in enjoying the book.

A book you should read before you die? To be honest?  not really!

One thought on “Book 929 Ricardo Piglia – Money to Burn

  1. uncertainprinciples March 7, 2010 / 7:07 pm

    Thanks for the review – guessing it’s one that can easily be skipped! Premise does sound interesting though, and I haven’t read much fiction set in Argentina.

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