Book 866 H.D. – Asphodel

I have been staring at this screen for the past few minutes as I am struggling to actually write what Asphodel is about. Honestly though it feels like doing that is a useless exercise. There is a plot but this is a ‘textured’ novel. Anyway here goes :

Hermione is an American who is now living in Paris. Us readers get an insight to her views of European culture and relationships with both men and women, then the same thing happens again except in London.

The thing is Asphodel is more about sights and sound being brought out repetition of certain words, certain spelling and twisted viewpoints. The prose is very rhythmic and after a few pages you get used to it.

However there’s a lot of different styles chucked at you, dialogue mashed up with ‘formal’ text so the book shifts narrator-wise, although not as bad as Jachym Topol’s  City Sister Silver, I did get a bit frustrated while reading the novel.

I am trying my hardest to like this narrative form but it honestly is something that just irritates me. I’m hoping that there will be one book which helps me change this silly attitude of mine!

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