Top 10 Books Read in 2017. Nos 10 & 9

Reading-wise 2017 was an ok year but not a fantastic one. I started off badly which led into a massive slump in which fourteen books were rejected. Incidentally the book that helped was Jessie Burton’s The Muse. Anyway I managed to read a few great novels, which segues in my top 10 of the year.

Number 10. Margaret Atwood – Hag-Seed.


The premise behind The Hogarth Shakespeare series are quite interesting: get a contemporary author to reinterpret a Shakespeare play. So far the results have been consistent but my favourite is definitely Margaret Atwood’s re-telling of the Tempest. In this version a shamed theatre director who is teaching drama to prisoners, decides to hold The Tempest as his next production. In reality though this play is part of an elaborate revenge plot. Funny and Clever, Hag-Seed ( a pejorative term from someone born from a witch i.e Caliban) shows that Margaret Atwood still is an unstoppable force.

Read my Goodreads review here.

Number 9. Naomi Alderman – The Power.

The Power

What would happen if women managed to shoot electric sparks from their hands via a skein on their necks? Naomi Alderman asks this question and the results are umm electrifying?

Alderman presents a society where women overthrow gender struggle and keep all aggressive men at a distance (or dead). Eventually things do not go as planned which leads to the notion that maybe women in positions of power are just as brutal as men in power. Alderman’s take on gender equality is unique and The Power is open to many interpretations. Definitely a must read. Review here.

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