Top Books I Read in 2017. Nos 4 & 3.

Number 4. John Boyne – The Heart’s Invisible Furies.


I only knew about John Boyne through The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and I was totally surprised to find out that he wrote for adults as well. I have heard some things about the Heart’s Invisible Furies and, at times, I wanted to buy a copy. However my girlfriend bought a copy for my birthday so I pushed everything aside and read it.

This book is EPIC. It spans over 70 years of world history through the eyes of a gay man. Most of the book takes place in post war Ireland, where tolerance to homosexuality was low and the main focus of this book is Cyril’s constant battle between finding himself and trying to ‘conform’. Boyne stuffs the novel with red herrings, tender moments and uplifting ones. A panoramic novel if there ever was one. Review here.

Number 3. Emma Donoghue – Room.


I love it when a book absorbs me completely and Room did that to me. To put it simple Room is about a boy who grows up in a solitary room. The book is told from his own point of view, including the language he makes up. Suddenly an event happens that changes his outlook of his confined world.

Room is one of those books that can be interpreted in different ways but no matter how you look at it it’s poignancy sticks out. A special reading experience. Goodreads review here.


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