Goat Girl – Self-titled

Goat Girl

At first Goat Girl’s debut seems daunting. It’s a hefty 19 track album but rest assured the record itself is a brief forty minutes and everything whizzes by.

Unlike most of albums, Goat Girl was approached differently as for some strange reason my discman would not play the cd so for the past three weeks I listened to the album solely on my personal stereo while performing tasks. Laugh all you want but it does make a difference.

Soundwise I’m reminded of post punk band The Raincoats. Goat Girl play raggeldy type of indie rock that is rough and bruised. Also there is a violinist within the group which will enhance those Raincoats comparisons. Saying that Goat Girl emphasis more on melody. A lot of these tracks build up to these amazing choruses. After some listens the album’s catchier side emerges and the general feel is that Goat Girl (the group) had a lot of fun recording this debut. Tempos speed up at no given point, there are weird breakdowns (Cracker Drool), sometimes found sounds make their way into the mix (Salty Sounds, Moonlit Monkey) and sometimes they do play it conventionally, such as album centrepiece The Man, I Don’t Care Part 1 and the rerecorded first single Country Sleaze.

Goat Girl has a ton of verve and energy, even the slower tracks are busy and don’t dampen the frenetic pace of the record. I won’t say it’s an album stuffed with hits but it definitely an album filled with aural treats that show their true colors after repeated listens. This is not to say that Goat Girl is a tough album but it is a bit of a grower. I’m glad that it is too.

As I have said quite a few times on this blog, I am starting to see better British guitar/indie acts on the horizon and definitely Goat Girl are up there with the more interesting. This debut is quirky, enjoyable and offers quite a few surprises. Really it’s what a debut album should be.


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