Dj Koze – Knock Knock


One thing I like about Dj Koze’s music is how he refuses to stick with any particular style and yet he manages to create a cohesive album. Throughout it’s 80 minute running time Koze’s third album flits between cerebral electronica to pure dancefloor mayhem and sometimes a mixture of both.

Knock Knock, like its predecessor Amygdala, has a good number of guests but this time slightly more high profile. There’s Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, Ex Moloko singer Roisin Murphy, Folk star Jose Gonzalez , Speech from 90’s hip hop group Arrested Development and some artists who are on Koze’s own Pampa label. Needless to say that the best is brought out of each of these collaborations. Especially Roisin Murphy, whose disco inflected track Illumination is the best thing she’s done and an album highlight.

Knock Knock  is stuffed with many amazing tracks; there’s the Bon Iver sampling Bonfire, the shoegazey Planet Hase. Moving in a Liquid does feel like you are lost in some watery fantasy. However the track which will be replayed and will feature in dj sets throughout the summer is album centrepiece Pick Up. This track has a heavy 90’s French house feel to it but also oddly feels ultra modern. Complemented with a Gladys Knight & the Pips  sample and beats which dance in and out of the speakers, Pick Up is a perfect track to dance to and probably will end up being the track Dj Koze will curse he’s ever unleashed.

What else can be said about Knock Knock? It’s a fun record that you can put on if you feel like partying or just for slipping on headphones for some midnight grooving and despite the long running time it is so absorbing that you’ll ignore the fact that it is a lengthy album. Although the word Masterpiece is used too freely (GUILTY) I cannot say anything else about Knock Knock. it is a masterpiece full of tricks, surprises and more importantly ear catching tunes.



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