LUMP – Self-titled


Although you must of heard this a million times, LUMP is a collaboration singer/songwriter Laura Marling and  Tunng founding member, Mike Lindsay.  When I first heard of this collaboration, I was pretty excited. I think Marling is a fantastic singer due to the fact that she can vary the tone of her voice and throughout the album we listeners are lucky enough to get quite a selection,  Some tracks she releases her smoky voice (Hand Hold Hero), her ‘sort of singing but it’s really talking’ voice (Late to the Flight) and she lets loose it is great (May I be the Light).

I have also been a follower of Tunng ever since the debut Mother’s Daughter and Other Song and I’ve always admired their ability to mix beats folk instruments, incidentally there’s a new album out soon but that’s another story.

Lump (if in small cases then the album) is only a brief 30 minutes but a lot is packed in there. First of all the record begins like a dj set; it starts slowly and then builds up to the mighty centrepiece, Curse of the Contemporary, a track where Marling unleashes her voice to twanging guitars , booming bass, a shuffling beat that gets faster as the song proceeds. It’s heart stopping, amazing and possibly the best track I’ve heard this year. The album continues on another high note, the already mentioned Hand Held Hero, with its Giorgio Moroder intro and then peters out.

All seven tracks on Lump are fantastic. The instrumentation is rich and yet organic. Sometimes you’ll want to dance, and sometimes you’ll want to reflect. It’s an album that is varied but has a distinctive sound. My only worry about this project is if it stops here. Clearly there’s a ton of potential here, especially when this first offering sounds so good.



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