Tracyanne & Danny – Self-titled


When Camera Obscura member Carey Lander passed away in 2015 and seeing no activity from the group. I was sure that eventually the band would break up ( they haven’t at this point) I am a huge fan of the band and I was wondering if there would be any new material in the future.

Then in February I saw a teaser video with the names Tracyanne & Danny on it and yes, my suspicions were correct, it was indeed Traceyanne Campbell, lead singer of Camera Obscura. Upon further research the Danny in the title is Danny Coughlan of the group Crybaby, another artist whose album I liked.

T & D’s music evokes the spirit of 50’s girl groups, the third Velvet Underground album, with a bit of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra in there too, oh and the Be my Baby beat makes an appearance. In reality it’s not too far off from Camera Obscura or Crybaby’s music so this is a musical match par excellence. It also helps that Edwyn Collins produced the album and lends backing vocals to one track.

Despite the fact that I have mentioned a number of groups, not once does the music here feel like a pastiche. In fact all the handclaps, violins, glockenspiels and saxophone sound natural. Even concluding track O’Keeffe has an accordion, giving a whiff of French pop but it works.

The end result is 10 tracks that are pleasant, will make you tap your feet, break out in gooseflesh and sway a bit, Due to the high quality of the songs it’s a bit difficult to pick out a standout as I think everyone will have their favourite song (mine is It Can’t be Love Unless it Hurts) More than anything I see Tracyanne and Danny as a BIG welcome back. I missed Campbell’s honeyed vocals and I am glad to listen to them once again.


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