Ryan Lambie – The Geek’s Guide to SF Cinema

My exposure to the Sci-Fi genre came really late, in fact it was, of all films, Planet of the Apes and I thought it was amazing. Needless to say that I caught up quickly.

Really the book’s title is self explanatory. Den of Geek’s Ryan Lambie presents the history of Sci-Fi cinema through 30 classic films of the genre. Each chapter contains a summary of the film and then some other movies that are similar in plot and a brief explanation of the particular subsection of Sci-fi.

Due to the structure of the chapters, this is a book one dips into rather than read cover to cover, however if you do so Lambie likes to emphasize that each film has some sort of technological advancement – Voyage to the Moon used a special camera, The Abyss used the nascent Photoshop, Jurassic Park use of CGI was groundbreaking etc.

The Geek’s Guide to SF Cinema is a fun read and along with the main 30 films featured there’s probably a 100 other titles mentioned so I guess your ‘to watch’ list will increase a bit.

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