Sy Montgomery – The Soul of an Octopus : A Surprising Exploration of one of the World’s Most Intriguing Creatures.

It seems that I have developing a fascination for marine life. This was sparked off earlier this year when I read Moby-Dick and I subsequently bought a book about whales (it will be read) Octopuses interest me as well, although my only interaction with them is when I clean and cook them. When I heard there is a book about their behaviour, I quickly bought that as well.

The Soul of an Octopus is more a memoir than a detailed scientific study, saying that someone who knows nothing about these fascinating animals will learn something.

The structure of the book consists of the author, a renowned nature writer, visiting an aquarium where she immerses herself into octopus life. She bonds with a couple of them, watches a mating ritual and discovers information about other types of sea life. The apex of this embracing of octopus culture is a deep sea dive in Tahiti, where she meets some octopus up close.

What did I learn from this book? Octopus are intelligent, can recognise people, actually understand when a finger is pointed at an object and play pranks. There’s more but I don’t want this blog to turn into a list.

The book is a sweet read and I can guarantee that the reader will come away with a new appreciation of Octopus (no octopi is an incorrect term)

For Maltese readers.

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2 thoughts on “Sy Montgomery – The Soul of an Octopus : A Surprising Exploration of one of the World’s Most Intriguing Creatures.

  1. Jackie Law September 13, 2020 / 6:04 pm

    Curious if you will still eat them? No judgement intended.

    • The Bobosphere September 13, 2020 / 7:00 pm

      Good question. here’s the short form answer. Yes, they are tricky to cook due to the fact that they are pure muscle and I like the challenge and I’ll admit nothing tastes better than an octopus tentacle or octopus stew.

      Here’s the long form answer. Generally when I read books in this vein, I am put off by consuming the animal. I will refuse to eat whale meat (a trip to Iceland or Norway is on the cards and I found out Whale is served to people who partake in the whale watching tours), I avoid fast food chains and I only eat meat twice a week – mid-week beef, lamb or chicken and on Saturday or Sunday Shellfish or fish. I am not a voracious carnivore and have a veggie heavy diet.

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