Book 828 David Markson – Wittgenstein’s Mistress

Generally I’m not a fan of experimental novels but ‘Wittgenstein’s Mistress’ is one of those exceptions. In fact I couldn’t put it down and in the process I felt more intelligent reading it!

The plot – if there is a thing – is about a woman who thinks she’s the only person left in the world but really it’s a philosophical meditation on Wittgenstein’s use of language in society.

I simply love the writing style – short sentences filled with trivia about art, architecture and literature. All are interconnecting and create one whole.

I’m replicating it here in the blog.

Sorry it’s a bit short.

I’ve got lots of work at the moment so I just have to squeeze in these blog posts.

Did you know that tortellini is based of Venus di Milo’s Bellybutton?