Book 909 Lydia Davis – The End of the Story

The End of the Story is an example of taking a well-worn topic and approaching it in a different manner. In this case it is the document of a failed relationship, However Davis makes sure that us readers will stay glued and turns the plot into a sort of game.

First of all, true to the title she begins the end of the relationship and the unnamed narrator is looking for her, also unnamed, ex lover’s new place and not really succeeding. Secondly Davis recounts the relationship through little details, so we do get a full idea of the¬† whole development of the love affair but in fragments. Third while all this is happening, the narrator is writing a novel which describes this relationship. ( as such it doesn’t say or hint at the fact that The End of the Story is the aforementioned novel but I’m guessing it is)

Whilst The End…. is a gripping and incredibly well written novel I did find it a bit over indulgent. Now and then I felt like screaming at the narrator and telling her to get on with her life and stop stalking the ex but this is a detail and the novel has to be taken as a whole to understand why the narrator is going through such desperate actions.

I found out that Davis is a short story writer and I’m hoping that this list includes them, actually¬† 90 books in and I still haven’t encountered a short story collection yet – strange.