Chay Collins – Tumours


I will say this straight away. There is NOTHING like this book!

At times I was reminded of Jeff VanderMeer, Hunter S Thompson, Thomas Pynchon and William Burroughs but honestly  these are petty comparisons.

Basically the book is a surreal journey into some unknown land, all culminating in a hotel but Collins really goes all out. Within this brief novel there’s blank pages, experimental text, delightfully surreal sentences and violence galore. It’s the busiest book I have ever read. It’s also the most inventive book I have ever read.

Tumours is as fresh as a newly caught fish, as fresh as that new gadget you pull out of the packet, as fresh as your annoying neighbours kids. Utter, Utter brilliance.

Chay Collins has created a one of a kind novel that will open your eyes to two things. One is that the boundaries of a novel can still be pushed and two is that I am glad that small presses are able to take risks and take on monumental novels such as tumours. I do urge all out there to read this book. It is genuinely life changing.

Many thanks to Ampersand Publishing for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review