Rick Veitch – Can’t Get No

Canät get no


On my TBR pile (214 books waiting to be read) I have a lot of slim graphic novels and books which I’ve had for a while so I’m trying to get through some of them and I’ve had Can’t get no for 10 years.

Can’t Get No was a let down. In actuality I thought the story was great! A corporate slave, one day finds himself marked all over with the super permanent pens that his company sells. He then sees himself as a freak but then 9/11 happens and then he experiences the ugly side of America via a road-trip. Eventually the marks rub off and he comes to a full circle.

There’s a lot of symbolism. Excellent artwork and it is a strong story.


The whole thing is told in verse. Now I am a fan of experimental writing but this 350 page verse reads like something a secondary school student would write, and there’s a TON of bad lines that make the reader cringe, Which is a pity because if this was a silent comic, the message would have been stronger.