Jessie Greengrass – Sight


I heard about Jessie Greengrass’ Sight through the booktuber Eric Anderson, where he brashly announced that this novel will win this year’s Man Booker.¬† In this video he states that the novel managed effect him emotionally.

As such the novel is in the vein of authors such as Rachel Cusk and W.G. Sebald, in the sense that the style is rambling and slightly plotless  where the focus is on emotions, like Sebald Greengrass likes to use events from history in order to show parallels between their lives and hers. If you really want a plot summary it is an exploration of motherhood and her relationships with the people who surround her.

Like the authors I mentioned, this is a type of style I admire than actually like. Sight is clever and it is beautifully written but I had trouble in investing myself totally. It is definitely food for thought but I felt that something was lacking in order for me to embrace it completely.

Sight was kindly given to me by the publishers in exchange for an honest review.