Book 847 William Kotzwinkle – The Midnight Examiner


Sometimes you come across a book so stupid you don’t know what to say about it.  For me, The Midnight Examiner is one of those books.  It’s a madcap zany adventure that feels like one of those terrible comedies that crop up on cable tv on a sunday evening.

Howard is the editor of a publishing company (all lurid magazines) and all his staff are a bunch of crackpots – From the blow dart loving publisher to the mail order priest/head of religious publications.  One day while in a porn movie one staff member accidentally shoots a mafia boos and the whole team are under a situation which is crazier than the stuff they publish.  Yes everything works out in the end and Howard finds a decent job in the long run too. Oh yes there’s a Voodoo Queen involved in thwarting the gangsters.

The Midnight Examiner is just ridiculous, from the beginning to the very end. The dialogue is irritating and the characters are so stupid you can’t identify with them. Maybe this is supposed to be a satire on seedy mags but I was plain pissed off while readings this in order to let the humour sink in.

Some books remain out of print for a reason.