Book 769 William Gibson – Neuromancer


Honestly , I really want to like this novel. It has it all. Loads of revolutionary ideas , an interesting plot, cool character. In fact this is one of those defining novels. Unfortunately I was left with a bit of a sour taste in my outh after reading it.

Case is a computer hacker (or cowboy) , unfortunately he betrays the company that he’s with and as a punishment he is rendered unable to hack anything. That is until a mysterious agent called Armitage helps go back to normal in exchange for a massive hacking job. Which has some unexpected results. Along with his sidekick Molly , Case fights off a lot of strange characters just to break into this computer.

Sounds thrilling? well it is. It’s like a modern detective story disguised with futuristic setting and that is precisely my gripe with the book. Gibson uses a lot of jargon , a lot , most of it made up (with the exception of cyberspace, which is now in everyday vocabulary) and for me, this clouded my understanding of the novel. Confused me even. I had quite a bit of trouble whether he was referring to a computer or a person or a device. So while I loved some bits , others just annoyed me.

Saying that I think a second reading in a few years time could change things!