Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus


The Night Circus has been on my TBR pile since 2011, in fact I bought it when it was first published so I’ve got the hardback edition. It is also a book I was a little scared to read due to some negative word of mouth comments, really though what is important is my own opinion of the book.

In theory there’s a lot of things I should not like about The Night Circus. It’s about magic, the writing style is clipped and short and there are moments that verge in the twee (oddly I think twee pop is great but I don’t like it in literature) and yet, I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun experience.

The question is why? Maybe the fact that Morgenstern creates a plot that wastes no time in establishing itself; two magicians are training for a magical battle that will result with the death of one of them. The venue where this battle will take place is the Night Circus, a circus that opens its gates at sunset and is filled with unforgettable wonders. The more us readers discover about this battle, the more secrets emerge from the Night Circus.

The book is, not complex but has enough cleverness to keep the pages turning, The fact that Morgenstern drops important plot points at the right time helps keep the readability high. Not to mention a cast of memorable characters and some epic scenes. The Night Circus is a satisfying read.

What else can I say about The Night Circus?  not much now that I gushed about it for a few paragraphs. If one dislikes fantasy then this novel is a good gateway to the genre.