Book 923 Eduardo Mendoza – A Light Comedy

I’ve mentioned quite a few times on this blog that certain novels appear at the right time, unfortunately in the case of ‘A Light Comedy’ this was the exact opposite. The previous book ‘Fall on your Knees’ was slightly disappointing and this one was as well.  Plus I can’t stand these careless translations, which seems to be popular in this decade. I can see why this book is out of print.

Carlo Prullas is a playwright whose life is falling to pieces, his latest play is not progressing due to his actors, he has cheated on his wife with friends and neighbors and to top it all off one of his acquaintances is found stabbed, which ultimately leads Prullas into a sleazy criminal underworld.

One could say that this plot is just to keep the reader entertained, what the book is really about is how post war Spain is changing, with different types of people entering Spanish society. A Light Comedy does satirize the upper classes of Barcelona, the wannabes and nouveau riche. By the end of the novel Prullas comes to grips with the ever-changing Barcelona and takes it in his stride.

My description of the book does not make it as bad as it seems and it definitely isn’t but the translation does leave a lot to be desired.  As a snapshot of a particular era, it works though and shouldnt be disregarded for that.