Hello there!

In August of 2008 I came across a book in my local store, there was a facsimile of the masked man that adorns the late nineties version of Brett Easton Ellis’ social satire ‘American Psycho. However that was not the thing that attracted me towards the book. It was more the rather preposterous title that dominated this cover. It stated


Now I am fully aware of this series published by Cassell but  in my ignorance I thought it only focused on films. Being the book worm (and spendthrift) that I am, I decided to buy this weighty tome and take up a challenge.

I am a huge sucker for lists, especially those that deal with my hobbies, which is basically reading and listening/reviewing music and this list of 1001 essential books was something I HAD to take up.

Although I have read a sizeable majority of the books mentioned I decided to go for it anyways and read all 1001 books mentioned. Just for perversity’s sake I have started backwards.

I have, however set some rules for myself :

I will read every book from cover to cover

If there is a book that I have read already, I will not re read it.

Once I finish a book I will write about it on this blog. Obviously this means that the blog will be updated sporadically. On the whole it takes me three days to finish a book but thicker ones will require longer gaps between updates.

As I live in Malta I tend to order books from my local store. The wait between each book will allow me to tackle other books that are not on the list. I will write about these too.

Now that’s the pelimanries are over and done with, let’s start :