Book 791 Jamaica Kincaid – Annie John

I actually had finished this book about two weeks ago but my work pressures have been increasing so it’s a little bit difficult to find some time to write about books (although luckily I have enough time to read – my hour in the early morning is doing wonders)

Anyway , I love coming of age stories and Annie John is just that ; A girl growing up in Jamaica. There are the usual things that happen , such as Annie’s clashes with her mother, her perception of Jamaica, the discrimination she encounters while trying to further her studying and eventually her development into womanhood and her escape to better pastures.

It’s a thin book and Kincaid doesn’t waste any time in getting straight into the plot and it is well written but I couldn’t help ¬†noticing that I’ve read stuff like this before so although I liked the novel I wasn’t really gaga over it. In all it was a pleasant ¬†one sit read for a rainy morning.