Rolf Potts – The Geto Boys


Probably like a good number of people I heard about Geto Boys through their ‘hit’ Mind Playin’ Tricks on me. Other than that I’ve never heard a Geto Boys album so, as always, I went to good ol’ YouTube and listened to The Geto Boys, which is, a remix album of the group’s second record.
I liked it!

Ok I know the lyrics are politically incorrect but the beats and samples are so infectious that you can’t help dancing. Author, Rolf Potts does not really go into the album though rather he gives a lot of background behind the genesis of the album and Geto Boys themselves.

The is about the rise of the more controversial side of hip hop. beginning with 2 Live Crew puerile raps and then going to NWA’s more political sided gangsta rap, with Geto Boys being the next development of the genre. The rest of the book is about the group’s rise in the rap world and what is happening to them at the moment. In between we get Potts’ own memories of Geto Boys.

33 1/3 barely set a wrong foot and this is no exception: A entertaining and somewhat educational read. Definitely a must have for those who are curious about gangsta rap and 90’s hip hop culture.

This review was originally on Goodreads.