Book 894 Ivan Klima – Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light

What is it with Czech authors, so far I’ve disliked or been totally indifferent to their books. Is it the translation or is their experience of communism too insular for me to relate to? Anyway Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light falls into the indifferent category. As such I read the book and didn’t mind it but it did not make me fall out of my chair in amazement orĀ  anything like that.

Pavel is a cameraman who has ventured into documentaries, however, since this is 1989 Prague censorship is the main order of the day and Pavel’s is encountering problems with is artistic visions. To make matters worse he’s in love with someone who does not respect and is losing is love for life.

Finally political changeĀ  does occur and Pavel cannot cope with it and is stuck.

When I finished the book I just shrugged my shoulders saying ‘ok not too bad’ but that’s it.

Does anyone else agree with this view?