Book 829 Duong Thu Huong – Paradise of the Blind

After reading countless accounts of  Vietnam through the eyes of a soldier, it is refreshing to see the same country through a Vietnamese point of view! and Duong Thu Huong’s novel does this. Actually she goes a step further and writes about Vietnam after the war .

The main protagonist talks about growing up in the worst areas of Vietnam, mainly due to the fact that Huong’s uncle was a member of the communist party and her family had to obey the laws laid out for them. Yet through an rich auntie Huong is able to lead a privileged life as well.

The book is about Huong (it’s a loose autobiography) going to Russia in order to help her uncle. On the way she reminisces about her past. When she does reach Russia she finds out that she has to take part in some semi risky business.

Without doubt this is a political novel, a very honest and no punches are pulled. Yet I felt there was something a little bit lacking. Anyone agree with me here?