Ronen Givony – 24 Hour Revenge Therapy

24 hour revenge

Jawbreaker’s third album is a pop punk masterpiece, full of catchy hooks and choruses and yet there’s a rough and tumble feel about the songs which adds to the fun.

Givony’s book of this seminal album is exhaustive but in the best way possible. Jabreaker were always an interesting band due to the fact that they were literate punks who had strokes of good and bad luck in equal measures. One such example is that they supported Nirvana but then they lost their fanbase after signing to DCG records and then lost more fans when they recorded a polished fourth record. Also the band broke up twice during their ten year career. Givony documents Jaw Breaker’s history and how 24 Hour Revenge Therapy plays a part in the group’s development as it was the album that helped them become a name in the punk circuit.

24 Hour Revenge Therapy (the book) is thorough study that lovingly details everything, from recording techniques to the LA punk scene in the mid 90’s plus there’s a couple of photos from that era. This is not simply a love letter to an album but a reading experience in itself.