Book 817 Peter Handke – The Afternoon of a Writer


Although I did not mind Handke’s ‘The Afternoon of a Writer’ I couldn’t help thinking that I would find this book dragging if it went on for four hundred pages or so.¬†Luckily¬†it is a breezy 86 so I found it quite enjoyable.

This novella is about a writer who crafts one sentence an decides to treat himself to a walk and lunch. As he is doing this he questions why he is a writer and if it is worth being one. In the meantime he is also soaking up his surroundings. By the end of the novel he is back to square one.

Afternoon.. is a descriptive novel, and the questions it poses about the authenticity of writing are interesting and in this small dose it works and is pretty evocative.

Pretty good but not WOW