Book 868 Peter Hoeg – Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow


Considering the fact that I have loved every single thriller that that was on this list, I had very high expectations with Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow but, I was let down.

The aforementioned Miss Smilla finds a six-year-old boy, Isiah, that she bonded with dead. Although the police say it was an accident Smilla’s pieces together some clues and has a hunch that Isiah was murdered. Thus she sets up an investigation which even takes her to her native Greenland (she lives in Denmark) . Eventually she discovers that there are a lot of conspiracies behind this boy’s murder ; Meteorites and parasites feature.

Mostly the novel is about nationality,  Denmark’s colonisation of Greenland and Inuit culture and this is brought out superbly, the thriller is gripping and Miss Smilla is a well-rounded character. So why didn’t I like this book?

The one and only reason is that the translation got on my nerves. I have griped about this in the past and I will again. I simply hate reading a book in translation when the book feels like a translation. The whole book is composed of these sentences that are similar to the messages on a telegraph machine. After a while my patience did wear out and it was the mystery that kept me going. It’s a pity cause I liked this book’s plot.

Does anyone agree with me out there?