Book 833 Gerald Murnane – Inland


One question that I ask myself is if whether there is a type of literary style I dislike? on looking back I’m finding out that I prefer to read more solid stories than experimental ones and I admit that it does bother me a bit.

Inland is, more than anything, a novel that creates an atmosphere with some autobiographical bits chucked in. It’s about a writer who goes on a metaphorical journey to the past, where he confronts certain aspects of his life that he has shied from when he was younger.

Despite the fact that this is a beautifully written book – its incredibly poetic at times, I did not really feel like reading something like this so my attitude towards Inland is a little bit negative. I thought the book dragged at times and despite it’s over a 160 pages I felt that it overstayed it’s welcome by a bit. It’s the exact same feeling I got when I read John Banville’s The Sea.

Inland is out of print so if you do decide to hunt it down to be a bit wary.