Joe Gross – In on the Kill Taker



Fugazi’s third record, In on the Kill Taker is a great great album! Here Fugazi managed to replicate their raw punk sound AND experiment with different genres, thus escaping the emo tag they are known for, still saying that the political edge that comes attached to the band is still there and in full force. ..Kill Taker also has a bit of a back story as it was originally recorded by Steve Albini but both band and producer didn’t like the end result.

Joe Gross take on this album is more or less the traditional 33 1/3 treatment. He gives some backstory of the band including the founding of Dischord records, the actual genesis of the album and then a track by track analysis and then what the band members are doing now (as of 2018 Fugazi have entered their 15th year of being in a hiatus)

A good, solid read that will please the long time Fugazi fans and attract some new ones