Jason Lutes – Jar of Fools


I read Jar of Fools five years ago and I have absolutely no recollection of it, which means that a re-read was necessary.

In a way I can see why I don’t have a strong recollection of this graphic novel, the art is okish, the plot is technically interesting but I felt that it’s an idea which could have been pushed further and after reading the book, I kinda shrugged my shoulders and thought it was an decent read but nothing else.

The plot focuses on a washed out magician who is desperately trying to increase hi audience, however his brother has committed suicide and his ex girlfriend has stopped contacting him and he’s asking help from his mentor, who escapes his retirement home and has orderlies hunting from him.

One day he meets a con man and his daughter and is blackmailed into teaching the daughter magic tricks so that she joins him in swindling people.

Jar of Fools overdoses on pathos and melodrama and sometimes that makes me not care about the characters, which was happening. Also I kind of wanted the story to finish as I had enough of the drama. In fact this sound clip kept going on in my head while reading Jar of Fools.

As said on the whole this comic is ok but it’s rather something one should borrow rather than buy.