Paula Mejia – Psychocandy


The Jesus and Mary Chain’s debut album, Psychocandy is a big fave of mine. Essentially JAMC wrote pop tunes but disguised it with ear splitting feedback. Everyone should listen to Psychocandy at least once in their life and discover how melody and distortion can work hand in hand.

Although I did not learn anything new with this volume, it still is a great read. Mejia documents the roots of JAMC, what inspired them to record Psychocandy, some meanings behind the lyrics and then the cultural role Psychocandy plays thirty years later.

If you are a fan of the band read this. Although not an official history, Mejia manages to interview Jim Reid, Douglas Hart and Bobby Gillespie plus some other people who played an important role in the Scottish indie scene, so this is almost like an official band bio. I suggest reading this while having the album in the background as it weirdly complements the book.