Book 850 Jim Dodge – Stone Junction


Stone Junction is another one of those books that have been cropping up in my life. Whether in a magazine or a second-hand bookstore it seems that this novel makes an appearance.  As luck will have, when it actually was time to buy the book I couldn’t find it anywhere and I had to order it from our local book chain.

This is not my first Jim Dodge though. That honour was bestowed to Fup and I loved it. An original plot, use of language and despite the zaniness, Dodge has a sense of control and Fup never descends into downright vulgarity. I would say it’s a fun romp more than anything.

Stone Junction is a continuation of the ideas in Fup. It is weird, entertaining and is stuffed with oddball  similes. However I would say this book is more philosophical and thought-provoking.

Daniel Pearse is born to an outlaw mother. He is raised amongst thieves. When on a mission, Daniel’s mother is killed and he sets on his way to avenge her. Throughout this journey he joins a gang of Alchemical Magicians and goes under a series of teachers. All of them subject him to meditation,  safe-cracking, espionage and even harvesting drugs.

Pearse’s life changes when he goes under the tutelage of Volta, a man who teaches Daniel on how to vanish and tells him about a diamond with mystical powers. Eventually Daniel manages to steal this diamond, wich in turn helps him discover more secrets about his past and prepare him for his future.

Stone Junction is fantastic. There nothing else to say. I had a ton of fun reading it. Something which I haven’t experienced ever since my Brautigan and Vonnegut days back in the late nineties. This is a novel that screams ‘cool’.