Book 780 Louise Erdrich – Love Medicine


These past two weeks have been quite a stressful one and it seems that a ton of events happened the second I opened Love Medicine. First of  all I had an infection in my chest due to the adverse weather conditions that are occurring , then a four-day trip to London (which was very enjoyable) However as I was stepping in the taxi I received the news that an uncle of mine who I was close to passed away.

Anyway it’s in the past now and I have finally finished the novel.

Love Medicine focuses on two Indian tribes living on a reservation. Each chapter is about a certain individual and his interaction with other people on the reserve. Although this seems fragmented, a story does form.  As I lived on a reservation for nine years, I knew exactly what Erdrich was referring to as she captures the life perfectly.

Saying that I just wasn’t the mood for this book so I admit my progress was a bit on the slow side but definitely I can vouch that due to the events surrounding this book it was an unforgettable read!