Nigella Lawson – Eating (Vintage Minis)



Generally I do not like non-fiction for the simple reason that I like a story to transport me but there are certain topics that interest me. One is music, the other food. Since I’ve heard a lot about Nigella Lawson and the Vintage Minis range are affordable pocket sized books that give the reader a taster of someone’s work, I decided to buy the volume on eating, which consists of excerpts from two of Lawson’s books.

As the title states, this book is about the joy of eating, the pleasure in serving a simple meal and the difference between eating by oneself and serving a party. There are recipes and tricks on how to prepare meat or a Sunday lunch. Really though the main message is that eating is pleasurable no matter the circumstance.  Lawson writes in an accessible, slightly jokey style and namedrops literary authors. I do like the bits when she enthuses about British food staples such as Yorkshire pudding or trifle as she was deprived from these things when she was a child, which goes to show that one cannot take one’s own cuisine for granted or see it as ordinary as there’s always someone who may reason things differently.

It’s a solid slim volume that is a good sampling of Lawson’s style and gives a good overview of her food philosophy.  Will I check out her cookbooks? maybe? Will I check out other Vintage Minis? most probably.